Museum of this website

My website has undergone many massive changes, including multiple complete rewrites spanning over a thousand git commits. Here, I pay respect to my journey and mark the path into the future, holding hope that this museum will grow to ever greater heights.

Please note that these are only snapshots of the past; links are not guaranteed to work and, for the most part, only the home page is preserved. Please, no flash photography.

Initial public commit explore →

Initial website

This is the first git commit, and the first version to be publicly open source, continuing work I had started in 2015 (which held an open source license but was not public; it was my first website, it was even more awful than this release). This version was extremely basic, but would serve as the base for a flurry of development. Prior to this release, my website was built in Wordpress (first built in 2012).

This version is built with Bootstrap CSS and jQuery. The font is Droid Sans.

v0.1.0-alpha explore →


Only a day after the initial public release, I tagged my first alpha release. 40 commits had passed by, including Creative Commons photos, a favicon, more pages and supporting documents like a Readme.

Built with Bootstrap and jQuery. The font is Droid Sans.

v0.7.1, aka v1 explore →


I never actually tagged a v1, but this is spiritually it. This version is the last before we make it to v2. The soon-to-be familiar logo has taken shape. Fun fact, this logo, which you can still see in my favicon, was inspired by the shapes of some binder clips I was playing with while bored at work. It's not a killer origin story, but such is life.

Built with Bootstrap and jQuery. The font is Roboto.

v2 explore →


As much as it looks the same as v0.7.1... It is, at least on the surface. Changes were almost entirely internal, as I started moving from pure Bootstrap to a derived framework called Bootswatch. I also worked on automating the release process, minimizing code and other small changes.

Built with Bootstrap, Bootswatch and jQuery. The font is Rounded.

v3 explore →


The first truly ground-up rewrite, using a new framework (which I helped create), new technologies and a return to the single-page portfolio look. All content above the fold is obliterated by a carefully crafted giant SVG. A golden age for the site.

Built with Mini.css, Sass, Flow and custom Node tooling. The font is Segoe UI.

v4 explore →


While not a large departure from v3, this version added web tools, tweaked design and put a larger focus on me.

Built with Mini.css, Sass, Flow and custom Node tooling. The font is Segoe UI.

v5 explore →


The most obvious change is a move to a dark theme, one which I would struggle to keep both interesting and accessible over the course of the series. This version also includes a rewrite to remove the Mini.css framework.

Built with Sass, custom Node tooling. The font is Helvetica Neue.


v6, the current design

That brings us to the current version, you're looking at v6 right now! This version is the most significant rewrite yet, opting to provide a lightning fast, simple, refreshing introduction to me and my software life.

Built with Sass and no frameworks of any kind. The primary font is Metro Nova, and code is Victor Mono.