Libertarian Zoo 2024

A non-functional embarrassment full of paleo dipshits, pedo apologists, and culture war fuckwads
— Vermin Supreme, political satirist, former Libertarian Party member

Declared and presumptivate candidates for the Libertarian Party 2024 nomination and/or declared candidates running regardless of nomination. Sorted by median polling with declared, serious contenders sorted higher [explain]. This page should not be considered a primary source of information for any purposes.

Sorting explained

The zoo is sorted by several criteria. Candidates which have dropped out always sort to the end of the list. Then candidates are sorted by their pledged caucus delegate votes. Next, candidates are penalized for not being "serious", which is a semi-subjective judgement about whether they are a fringe candidate and/or have no chance of receiving any serious attention. Next, candidates are penalized for not having declared their candidacy. Such candidates are important enough to be included but are not actually running. They may have been included in polls or have popular calls for their candidacy, for example. Next, candidates are sorted by their median polling, using any polls that I can find. Finally, all else being equal, candidates are sorted alphabetically by last name.

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