Jade Michael Thornton

Hi there!

I'm a software engineer, hobby aerial photographer and RC flight enthusiast. I know some things about some software, and a lot about taking care of house rabbits. My favorite language is Clojure, but I never get to work in it. I'm currently a senior software engineer and team lead at DroneDeploy, working on enhancing information discoverability as well as unification with a recently-acquired startup.

I've previously worked and studied at FlightAware (a Collins Aerospace company), Thomson Reuters, Maverick Software, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, the University of Minnesota and Saint Paul College.

Some other links include: my GitHub and GitLab profiles, my blog posts, some online tools, my LinkedIn profile, and some photos I took.

Memento mori.

My Projects

What I cannot create, I do not understand
— Richard Feynman

All of my projects are open source and live on GitLab and/or GitHub. Here's some of my favorite highlights.

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