Jade Michael Thornton

Hi there! I'm a passionate software engineer and aerial photographer. Here's some links you may find interesting:

If you'd like to contact me, my email is the best method.


What I cannot create, I do not understand
— Richard Feynman

All of my projects are open source and live on GitLab and/or GitHub. Here's some highlights.


My somewhat organized thoughts live in my blog. Some selected pieces:


I'm experienced in Typescript/Javascript, Python, React.js, Angular, SQL and full-stack web development. I'm a bit rusty in Java, Clojure (a personal favorite), OCaml, C and Nix.

I'm currently a senior software engineer at DroneDeploy, working on panoramic walkthrough videos and BIM visualization. My previous experience includes full-stack software engineering at FlightAware (a Collins Aerospace company), development of internal financial systems for Thomson Reuters via software consulting with Maverick Software, and building custom software and providing tech support for the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Other interests

I'm a hobby quadcopter pilot and aerial photographer, some of my favorite photos are available at photos.jmthornton.net.

Since 2016, I've spent a bit of free time contributing to OpenStreetMap, and I've recently begun organizing my efforts through the excellent Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Tasking Manager.

I've proudly volunteered with Bunny Buddies since 2019, a non-profit rabbit rescue organization. Alongside my own pet rabbits, I foster bunnies who are too young to be adopted or require special medical care, as well as work on the organization website and volunteer my time at events. My beautiful wife, Stephanie, previously served as the Director of Adoptions.