Savings Balance Transfer Calculator

This is a very simple tool for calculating a transfer required to keep a savings account reconciled with a budgeted amount, optionally taking CDs into effect. This tool is custom-made for my own budgeting system (using YNAB [contains referral code]) in which the budget specifies the total amount which should be in savings accounts generally, but is agnostic toward the actual allocation between high-yield savings and CDs. This tool allows me to quickly calculate it all in a customized way, saving a little time versus using a normal calculator, mostly due to all the CDs to add together. It also generates a human-readable summary in the format I use to keep records of why I transferred X amount to my savings account.

All calculations are performed in your browser. Inputs and calculations are never saved nor sent to any server. Analytics will show a visit to this page, but do not track any interaction or data inputs.