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A Known SSH Socket for Tmux
Using a known, shared SSH socket to enable agent forwarding through an existing tmux session

ClearNight Retro
Introducing a new dark, relaxed retro theme for the Atom text editor

I successfully compiled the xmr-stak miner with CUDA
After many errors and failures, I found a method to successfully compile the xmr-stak unified XMR miner with CUDA support

The Internet worm of 1988: A Tour of the Worm
On the evening of November 2, 1988, a self-replicating program was released upon the Internet. Within the space of hours this program had spread across the US.

Remove an element from an Array in Javascript
A new Javascript function to remove any element from an Array in an intuitive way, with support for negative indexing.

What's new in ECMAScript 2017
Two years ago, ES6 gave a massive update to the already powerful ECMAScript standard. This year's release, ECMAScript 2017, provides several new features and changes. Let's take a look.

Duplicate IDs in HTML: What would happen?
Duplicated IDs occur both intentionally and not, so what happens when a browser tries to render them?

Protonmail - Why I switched and you should too
ProtonMail is the world’s largest, most user-friendly open source secure email service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists and protected under Swiss privacy law. It brings email privacy back to the people while still maintaining a fantastic user experience characteristic of the first-class email service it is.

Switch Caps Lock and Escape (Linux)
The standard QWERTY keyboard is great in a lot of ways and for a lot of uses. My current keyboard has been with me for years and I know it well, but if I could change the locations of a couple keys, I would. And naturally, that's what I did.

Set DuckDuckGo as default search in Thunderbird
For several dwindling reasons, DuckDuckGo can still be tricky to add to some services despite being the default browser for several browsers. A couple years ago, Mozilla broke the old method of adding DuckDuckGo to the settings. They neglected to update their documentation, so here's a little for you.

Coding a website from scratch — a timelapse
Jade creates a simple website from scratch using the Bootstrap framework.